Shopping at EVX stores can be fun and exciting for many consumers. The large selection that is available is exciting for many people, and the interactive displays help to make the shopping experience even better. Many stores offer a large variety of replacement parts for these models as well. This allows consumers to replace worn-out parts as well as replacing ones that need to be replaced. Many stores also sell accessories and brushes that consumers can use to improve the performance of their vacuum. For example, stores often sell brushes that can be used to brush the carpet, as well as power attachments that can be used to add power features to the robots. One of the best things about shopping at the EVX store is that many of the models that are available there are imported from Korea. This helps to make the price of the models more affordable than many of the consumer electronics stores. This is a great thing to check out if you are interested in purchasing robot vacuums. In addition, the stores offer a large variety of replacement parts for these Robotti-imurit. The large supply of parts is helpful for those that are interested in using the store purchased models as well as other models that are imported into the US. These are all helpful to consumers in making their robotic vacuums more affordable.